HOUSE: sleeping area

Fausti Arredi, safety and functionality

Children's Bedrooms

Places when grow, play, study, create with a look in step with the times.
Style and comfort for an habitat that conveys security and protection.
Spaces and elements specifically designed to meet every type of need.
Order, functionality and beauty for one of the habitats most' important of the house.



For the more 'intimate house's angle, Fausti Company produces beds, wardrobes, bedside tables and  cabinets, custom's wardrobes, cabinets with sliding doors, wardrobes doors and decorative accessories.
Our customers will be able to furnish the space to make it functional and personal.
For a relaxing time full of regenerative's rest.



A new way of conceiving the bathroom.
A place to rejuvenate, pamper yourself, take care of themselves, made by elegantly and classy furniture.
Modern and attractive solutions , with technological content necessary for the  wellness of all components.

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