HOUSE: living area

Fausti Arredi, quality assurance


We realize furniture and their arrangement depending on the needs and personal requirements to each customer.
Between beauty and practicality for a refined, comfortable habitat, a class element.
The kitchens are made entirely of wood.
The materials used for the furniture are plywood or veneered poplar for the panel, solid wood, plywood and waterproof MDF for doors and wall units.
The outer surfaces can be lacquered with glossy and matte, certified non-toxic, covered with decorative laminates, multicolored glasses, veneer wood essences.
Worktops made of wood, laminate, marble, granite, aglomerato resin and quartz or stainless steel.
The property includes a careful selection of the latest appliances generation, internal equipment from furniture, accessories, tables and chairs.


Living Room

Aesthetics and exicengy combine to make special relaxation area.

Furniture produced entirely by hand.

Made with skilled craftsmanship to results of absolute thickness quality.
The choice of materials, the study of color, pattern and layout, make functional, friendly, family, precious and refined living space.

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