between past and future, between tradition and innovation
Fausti custom's made furniture will grant any wish in an exclusive reality



Fausti's Company designs and decorates any habitat.
From residential space to work.
Competence and professionalism in customer service to create an expression of accurate identity, practical and unique design from the banner of Made in Italy.



Each project is developed and adapted to the practical needs of the customer making the space functional to be lived daily.The choice of materials, the fine details, the craftsmanship manufacturing, will create long-lasting furnishings, elegant lines, essential, actually and sophisticated, for an habitat of absolute value and aesthetic value.



The company will follow you in every phase from design, choice of more suitable materials, installation and post-installation support.

At your disposal also: plumbers, electricians, plasterers, bricklayers.



All materials in use are certified in compliance with European standards. Wood sheet, solid wood, veneers of wood, plywood, chipboard poplar, plywood, marine, waterproof, fireproof. Granite, stone, marble, quartz agglomerates. Decorative laminates, glass, printed, colored, etched. Adhesives. Non-toxic paints certified for glossy lacquers and opaque.

HOUSE: kitchen, living room, children's bedrooms, bedrooms, bathroom

we realize furniture and their arrangement depending on the needs and personal requirements to each customer

living areasleeping area

CONTRACT furnishings:

the multiple design customed'solutions distinguish the structure in each industry affiliation such as the catering, hotel, tourism and wellness

contract furnishings

SERVICES: decoration furniture, customization, furniture accessories

we are the executors of your ideas, translate them into a accurate technical project

our services

PROJECTS: one-room flat, kitchen, livingroom with cabinet

each project is developed and adapted to the practical needs of the customer making the space functional to be lived daily

our projects
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